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Farm Table Distressing Party!

farm table distressing party

This family got hands-on experience in distressing their new dining table during the building process.  Weapons of choice were: the flogger, the hammer, the ice pick, the torch, the scraper, the hex bolt.  All-In-All there are about 20 different distressing tools to choose from which add unique characteristics to each table.  Through various tools they added generations of character to their new dining table in just a few minutes.  This family wanted to have some involvement in the building part of their table and this was their chance.  They were a little nervous at first but started to show no mercy toward the end.  After the table gave its last breath, “it is finished”. Finally we sanded it, stained it and sealed it to finish it up.  It was finished in a natural dark walnut and sealed on all sides.  The base is a solid ball pedestal with round bottom plates.  Overall size was 60” in diameter and 266 pounds.        #rusticfurniture #rustictables #distressingparty #farmhouse #farmhousedecor #farmtable #farmtable #farmhouse #farmhousedecor #farmtable #farmtable #jesustables#jesustables #liveedgetables

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