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Farm Tables in Naples! – Video Gallery – Rustic Table Sizes, Colors and Styles by Jesus Tables

Jesus Tables Video Slideshow quickly shows the latest farm tables built right here in Naples, FL for families of all sizes.  Lots of different sizes and colors are shared here in this video.  From large Ark models all the way down to the tiny Little David kiddie tables and benches for the little ones.  Plus some coffee tables.  All are built very strong, sturdy and with 100% solid wood.  These tables are built for families and businesses all over.  All are built to order any size, any color any style…We love building rustic tables.  It’s our passion and our gift.  Our goal is to share our gifts and talents for other people to enjoy for eternity.

Tables can be purchased just about anywhere today, however it is very difficult for the average person to tell the difference between a well made solid table vs a laminated/veneer avg imported assembly line built table.  Very few companies actually carry USA made, 100% solid wood products.  And of those few…just a small percentage of their table lines are actually built stateside with real wood throughout and built well.  We see time and time again a claimed “solid wood” table sold to families at incredible mark up prices, to find out solid wood actually meant solid frame, or solid top only; and the best well known trick in the industry is the “solid laminate” surrounding the hollow table or the “solid particle board” as the heart of the table.  Since when is solid particle board known as solid wood?  Majority of tables and furniture from these companies are imported from China, India and Taiwan:  Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Crate & Barrel and Word Market to name a few.   Point is, it’s difficult for the average person to know what is really going to last and what is not when standing on the showroom floor looking down on a table.  Not knocking on all of these company’s products – some are good, most are questionable.

We recently restored/refinished a Word Market Farm Table and Bench for a family and during the sanding process, of this “solid oak” table, we sanded through the veneer “hard wood oak” and ran into the internal hollow particle board fibers which is a big uh oh moment.  We showed the family the internal wood being used on their table and they could not believe it.  The family was told it was solid oak.  The table was assembled with particle board with not even 1/8″ inch thick of oak veneer laminate which was slapped on the side of the table with a finishing nail gun.  (so it was solid oak – on the outside at least) Anyway… we ended up patching it some, and finished it up to look good – it’s heart breaking paying so much to know what’s at the core of your family table when you’re expecting it to last your family forever.

All Jesus Tables are indeed 100% solid wood, southern yellow pine in fact, harvested in the southern states, the wood is the strongest softwood in the world and has some of the most beautiful random patterns of grains.  Other reclaimed woods are used too – always solid.

Thanks for watching our quick video.  More on the way…


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