Justin and his family had a new top built for their pedestal base.  We were given a solid wood base to start with – Then we sanded down the base and painted it with an white linen organic chalk paint and slightly distressed it – Then we built a solid pine top 2” thick to fit their dining nook – Then we stained it with our home made vinegar and steel wool stain called “Third Day Stain” – Then we coated it with a few coats of natural varnish to protect it.  End result is awesome.  Thanks Justin and family for these new awesome pictures of your table.



How this started is amazing…

We decided one day to make a natural stain, which consisted of a simple 2 ingredients…White Distilled Vinegar & Steel Wool.

-Steel wool mixed with vinegar quickly starts the deterioration rust process.

-Crazy part is after many tests – 3 days of rest is the perfect time to put the stain to use (no more, no less)

-If used earlier than 3 days it’s too light of a stain – If used after 3 days it’s too dark

-In the symbolic language of the Bible, a 3 day period of time points to an act of divine intervention which impacts salvation history.

-3 days is mentioned hundreds of times throughout the Bible and is symbolic of “perfection”


Try it.  Fill a mason jar with vinegar.  Separate the steel wool/unfold it and put in the jar.  Leave the cap off the jar and let it sit 3 days.  After 3 days, shake up the stain and pour it in another jar through a coffee filter to remove the rust particles. The stain should look like a tea color.  Now it’s ready to use, brush it, and wipe it off with a rag.  Get it on your hands or clothes and you’re screwed….just a FYI. This stuff makes the wood grains come out like no other stain can do.

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