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Charcuterie Boards 

Brock sanding Charcuterie Boards

Shaar – Koo – Taa – Reeeeeee  Boards!

Brock and Dad made some serving boards; that’s the easy way to say charcuterie boards.  Our live edge dining tables are made out of the same hardwood material but these charcuterie boards are cut smaller, thinner in different sizes and work well as serving boards.  They’re finished on all sides and stamped underneath.  Several families have taken some home already and put them to good use.  Brock generally does the sanding and dad does the finishing work.  The ones you see here are made out of acacia wood – the same wood the Israelites made the Ark of the Covenant out of.    Lots more tables at https://jesustables.com/farm-table-gallery/ and here https://www.facebook.com/jesustables/

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