Reborn in 2018 – built  from 1942 Iowa salvaged barn wood…it’s made from 2.5” thick barn planks for the top and 6” thick beams for the legs, all purchased from Rust Never Sleeps in Ft. Myers.  You can see all the original nail holes where the planks were all originally connected when holding up the barn which RNS cleaned up.  The character of this reclaimed farmhouse table is truly one of a kind.  It’s finished in honey and has a matching hefty bench.  This is the heaviest 6ft table to leave Jesus Tables to date and has been a blessing and a half to be able to work with such perfectly salvaged rare lumber.  We hope to use more RNS reclaimed wood. 


Final size is 44×72 and seats 6.  Honestly the original raw grayish color finish looked pretty good as you can see from the images prior to it’s final honey brown stain.  You can see hints of the old white paint hiding between the hard wood fibers on some of the barn wood.  


The customer is from Iowa and RNS found the reclaimed barn wood from Iowa.   How does this stuff happen??

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