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Jesus Tables is a christian family run carpentry business whose goal is to build the most natural, strongest and most beautiful rustic farm tables.  It started in 2012 with one table, the “Jesus Table”, and exploded into several models of tables and other pieces of furniture to keep up with demand.  Today we build farm tables of all colors, shapes and sizes to meet the many needs of all sorts of families, homes and businesses.  Today Jesus Tables builds rustic farm tables, benches, trestle farm tables, round tables, coffee tables, desks, work benches, high-top tables, high-top stools, kids farm tables, kids desks, kids benches, kids pedestal seating and step stools of all sizes and colors. 


As mentioned earlier, it all started with a wife who wanted a $5,000 farm table from one of those elegant furniture stores you see on Fifth Avenue.  She had good reason; several small kids in the family needed a strong table, at the time using a glass dining table which doesn’t go well with little children, so all viable reasons to get a solid wood table to survive lifetime abuse of growing kids and satisfy the wife’s design lusting… but after hearing the price she was told she’s out of her mind -no way. 

After looking further into the design of these so called $4-$6k farm tables, we determined it was time to dust off our carpentry tools and attempt to create a farm table the wife and family would like.  We researched some plans online and used some of our own ideas to modify the plans and in the end, we came out with an awesome rustic looking farm table.  We say, only through the grace of Jesus did this first farm table succeed.  Giving Him credit and not knowing what to call it, we just called it the “Jesus Table”.  Working with wood was a hidden skill at the time only God knew about.  The wife was blown away, happy, and the kids failed to break it – all good things. 

After the first Jesus Table was built, families and friends wanted one ASAP.  People were getting rid of their old tables and waiting on a new Jesus Table to be built.  After seeing so much internal demand for solid wood furniture like this, the light shined down telling us “it’s go time”, start building, share the gifts you’ve been given, use your hands and share My story.  We had no idea of the general popularity solid wood tables have.  Then it started to make sense; TV shows talk about farm tables and rustic furniture styles frequently and quality wood furniture from hundreds of years ago you still see today.  Wood hardens as it ages, and it’s strength remains.  Thinking about it all some more…. we also remember seeing family heirloom tables passed down from generations and they’re all still standing strong.  Long story short, this is how it started.




Today we listen to our customers and what families are looking for, then we go to the drawing board, start cutting, blowing through a lot of wood, until the next perfect piece is born.  We make every piece carefully, slowly and very high attention to detail.  We’re particular on each piece of select lumber used.  Each project has its own style, each customer has their own tastes and we hand select lumber pieces specifically appropriate for the piece being built. 


Not only do we use select pieces of only solid lumber, but we never use pressure treated wood ever.  Some people do in the name of “strength & longevity” but this just isn’t true.  Some people build tables with pressure treated wood, and some of this wood has highly toxic chemicals in it called CCA and a few others.  In short, this can do some bad stuff to the human body, it’s a fact it damages and alters cells, you do not want your family around it much and you definitely don’t want to be sitting on it or eating off it.


All pieces of every table are 100% solid pieces of lumber.  Never laminated wood, never coated particle board.  Many of today’s manufacturers import tables overseas from assembly lines and these tables are so called “solid wood” on the tag.  Technically solid particle/fiber board is solid but deceiving, so be careful.  It’s cheaper and easier for assembly lines to use those lighter materials for the core construction and laminate it to cover it up; but beware of tables constructed with this, manufacturers have learned to disguise it well.  Some products from Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Restoration Hardware etc are actually made of real solid wood but many are not so be careful.


We always hide our fasteners throughout the table build process.  We go an extra step to hide all heads and hardware.  You will see other even high end farm tables which are nailed together with a nail gun with attempts to cover their tracks – you can see the nail holes easily and or you can see on the outside of the table the securing hardware.  We make each table so you see only one thing – wood.  We go this extra step on purpose.  Plus we pay attention to comfort details, like moving fastener holes and joint areas away from spots on the table where people’s legs touch the table or where their hands grab the table to move themselves close to the table or push themselves away.  We use our own farm tables for work and play… and we know what works well, what’s comfortable and what looks good.



All natural/organic finishing products are used on all our tables for staining and sealing each table.  We have partnered up with Ecos Paints who provides Jesus Tables with all sorts of natural stain colors to choose from, custom blends and awesome tough varnish sealers to finish off protecting each piece.  Ecos Paints is the only true provider of paints, stains, sealers which are non toxic, no-voc, odor free, allergy free and just all around the top of the line natural wood finishing products available.  Sure we could spare expense and use over the counter wood products from big box stores, but we believe in a better product, a safer and better performing product, we’ve done our research and we want to give our best always.  To learn more about safe and not safe wood finishing products visit Eco’s learning section HERE.    


Felt pads are added under the legs of each farm table and most other pieces we make for an easy slide on hard flooring.  Jesus Tables and the build date is engraved under each piece of furniture we make; so a hundred years from now, who knows who may have your Jesus Table farm table in their hands.  If people want special engravings onto the table, just tell us.

Stay tuned for more to come…

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