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7 New Farm Tables Find New Homes


We have been VERY busy with tables in the last 50 days, thank God, and here are a few new models to share.

1 – A couple from Briorwood here in Naples went with a beautiful honey farm table top, (with the Easter bunnies on top) and with a last minute adjustment decided to cancel the white legs and go with black distressed spindle legs, frame and a matching bench.  It was a smart moving considering their nice rug it rests on and their surrounding open floor plan décor.  Really looks good in the home.  The stains and paints are custom blended by Ecos Paints for us and are natural, organic, non-toxic and have zero odors; along with the matte varnish sealer…great stuff.

2 – A small seasonal family in Naples has a condo where they got themselves a weathered oak white washed farm table with 2 matching benches.  Perfect fit for the small condo and maximized seating space.

3 – An east coast West Palm family picked up their new round table for their home a few days ago.  It was finished in weathered oak and was distressed with an “X or cross frame” bottom.  It was 72” in diameter and went into the young family’s new home.  The dining room was built around the table, so we’re dying to see some final shared images from the customer.

4 – Another Naples couple bought 2 tables at once.  One of them was a 4×7 espresso farm table with extra large 5” thick spindle legs which proportionally look great on the table.

5 – The same couple who got the espresso table with 5” legs also got a small round breakfast nook table with a white top (minimally distressed) with an espresso pedestal base with 4 feet.

6 – Big Honey… is what they call it – a family from our church who has a buncha’ kids went with a big 10 foot long trestle farm table with 2 full length matching benches with backrests.  Big Honey provides lots a’ room for the young growing family and they built theirs to be the last they’ll ever buy.

7 – Happy Birthday!  A Naples mom bought a new distressed classic gray farm table for her son, to go in his new home.  We’re waiting on pics from the customer, since the distressed gray table is sitting on top of a rug made of gray bear skin.  Let’s see it!  The table looks cool, but a distressed Jesus Tables on top of bear skin is very cool.


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