1942 Barn Wood Beams From Iowa purchased from Rust Never Sleeps  “RNS” in Ft. Myers

A family from Arcadia insisted on having Jesus Tables build them a family heirloom farm table from thick old reclaimed wood barn beams. Jesus Tables bought the perfect selection of barn wood for a table and bench which RNS had plenty of in a pile. The table legs are going to be built from massive 4”x6” Iowa barn beams. The table top will be built with large 3” thick solid barn planks. Finding golden wood like this is very rare and highly sought after. Very blessed to be able to transform wood of this character. When the reclaimed farm table is done it will be a super heavy one of a kind Abrams tank.  Big thanks to Rust Never Sleeps for harvesting this old wood up north and bringing it down to Florida to be used.

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