Inspired by Christ
Built for Eternity

Custom built at 60" round it's versatile enough to fit well in a modern room or a rustic setting


100% Solid Wood Farm Tables

Hand Built Locally

Built For Eternity

Farm Tables

Distressed Trestle Farm Table

Distressed Trestle Farm Table

Gray Finish with Large Pedestal Bases
Patmos Round Table

Patmos Round Table

Distressed Gray With Massive Pedestal Base.
Reclaimed Wood Table

Reclaimed Wood Table

Built With Rare Thick Reclaimed Barn Wood Beams – Full Of Character.

Live Edge Table

Thick Solid Walnut - All One Piece 


3 Planks Wide – Perfectly Balanced

Live Edge Coffee Table

Live Edge Coffee Table

The Ark

Extra Large - Carries Everything – Seats Up To 18

Farmhouse Table with Curved Pedestals

Dream It

Build It

Don’t Hesitate!

Contact us to order your custom built eternal farm table.

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Jesus Tables made a distressed gray trestle table with chairs and a bench to go with a Naples family’s new home.  We also made a reclaimed wood patio table for...

Jesus Table Baptized by Hurricane Ian 

This 6 year old 13ft trestle table and 4 benches waited long enough and it was time for their true test of faith.  They were all submerged and floating around...